Forget about the global roaming! Try international sim cards NOW!

You still use roaming provided by mobile operators? Travel together with your calculator; make long and tiresome calculations of your communications? You still catch yourself at the thought that thrifty sharks of mobile communication business make extra profits on your communication? We will help you, because there is a way out even from such a difficult situation… First of all let’s clarify the existing situation!

– You are an active traveller, you are mobile, but at the same time you always want to stay in touch and to be well informed of all what’s going on around you?
If your answer is yes, let’s proceed.

– You need reliable and well-tried communication?
Guess your answer is yes again?! Well, you’re on a right path.

– You are tired of calculating the cost of your talks all the time?
Yes, exactly! Well, than you definitely came to a right place…

We are proud to present you new prepaid GSM Travel SIM card, which is to solve all your problems with communications abroad.

Global SIM cards make revolutionary changes to mobile communication at long distances ! Now your are available always and everywhere on your unified international number! In fact everything is very simple… All you need for free and, and what is most important, inexpensive communication abroad is the international roaming GSM-Travel SIM-cards. Buying the sim card you obtain a unique possibility of making international calls at much lower prices compared to mobile phones connected in global roaming, stationary phone in hotel or local IP-telephony cards. You can find out in advance the tariffs for international calls from any of 120 countries throughout the world. Another pleasant feature of Travel SIM-cards GSM-Travel is that you wouldn’t need to pay for incoming calls in 32 countries (Egypt, Turkey, Russia, etc.), it’s absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!

We propose you to compare the prices for international communication services provided by the leading mobile communication operators  with the tariffs of our international Travel SIM-cards. As you can see, the facts speak for themselves!

You will ask, what’s the trick? As the old saying goes, a free cheese is only in a mice trap. The answer to this question is very simple: there is no trick and there can be no trick at all! You simply pay reasonable money for quality services. Forget about expensive roaming services provided by mobile communication operators, huge prices for incoming calls and constant search of stationary phones and IP-telephony cards.

Feel the taste of freedom in communication with Travel GSM SIM-cards