Saving number service

Are you going abroad? Are you having your holiday? Are you going on honeymoon? Business trip?
You won’t go without cell phone. How to save number familiar to your relatives and friend to stay reachable during the trip?

For today we have a few variants of mobile communication abroad. Each has it’s own price, ability to receive free incoming calls and quality of connection. But only few offer to save your old number. Imagine how many important and even crucial calls can be lost during your vacation if the number that is tied to your name on your family’s’ and friends’ phone books is unavailable?

Company GSM-Travel and team of developers are pridefully present unique saving number service for travelers. From now on you don’t have to annoy everybody with mail out about your departure and your number is unavailable for some period of time. You can simply save your old number and redirect all the phone calls to a card GSM-Travel. We gladly present to you this opportunity and provide you with the convenience of usage mobile communication abroad. The saving number service is new and unique. Subscription fee is 20 USD, per minute fee is 20 cents. More details you can find on the site or by email request to Save your number and stay connected wherever you are!

Let’s conclude. Most of the roaming tariffs cost to much. It means that it’s too risky to resolve important issues in roaming zone. Moreover you can’t enjoy conversation with your friends and relatives thinking on the minutes and money left on your balance. Recharging balance is really challenging and the only way is to have enough top up cards. GSM-Travel you can easily top up using credit card or wire transfer in any bank.

The card of local operator is uncomfortable for calling subscribers. Who wants to call abroad for roaming prices just to hear your voice? It makes you reachable inland, but still you lost every incoming call to your old number that is recorder in phone books of your friends. Saving your number you can stay reachable on your old familiar to everybody number for local tariffs.

Touristic SIM card is an easy and fast solution for travelers. Tariffs are lower than roaming and incoming calls are free. With touristic SIM cards GSM-Travel you can save your number and all incoming phone calls during your vacation.