Affiliate program for Agents

It’s quite simple. If you have many friends who often go abroad, why not offer them services of affordable and reliable international communication? Distribute travel SIM-cards among your friends and earn money on their calls. Your friends save money, you make profit on it.

This is not enough for you? We offer you a full freedom of actions in selecting the direction of your new business development. You can distribute start packages and recharge among travel agencies, offices of mobile communication operators and other distribution points. It only YOUR OWN choice who to work and, what is the most important, how much to earn!

And now more details about the ways and amount of profits you can earn by participating in our partnership program:

  • Sell start packages (You’ll get a 30% discount on them);
  • Get commission from recharging of account (You will get 5% percent of nominal value of EACH recharging of communication service package, sold by you, no matter where and from whom the client bought the recharge);
  • Recharge your clients’ accounts independently (Choose yourself the price of this service);

You have once seen for yourself the quality and advantages of our services, why not become a part of our team? You want to save money? We offer you to get profit !!!

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