Partnership program for travel companies – Attractive extra service!

You are head of a  travel company, firm , agency. You always care about your clients and it is the your company’s recipe to success. Day by day your try to offer your clients more and more services and extras. If it’s all about you,  you definitely won’t loose your chance to offer your tourists what they always dreamed of…

Now you can offer your clients the services of AFFORDABLE, EASY AND RELIABLE international communication. What else heeds a tourist on vacation or a businessman in a business trip?

Your client can be in touch ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE, and that’s just the beginning, as our offer has lots of advantages:

  • SINGLE and PERMANENT international phone number in 120 countries of the world;
  • Your clients are FREE from roaming services with extremely high tariffs and constant connection problems  ;
  • Your clients are FREE from using services of foreign mobile communication operators (no high tariffs and misunderstanding due to not knowing foreign language);
  • RELIABLE and PERMANENT international communication;
  • VERY attractive tariffs for internal and international calls and SMS;
  • FREE of charge incoming calls in more than 30 countries of the world (almost the whole Europe);
  • Convenient ways of recharging account;
  • And much more;

    These are advantages of your clients, at the same time your profit will be even bigger. You will attract many new clients, surprise your travelers with a new attractive service and, what’s most important, you’ll be able to make good profit on promotion of international communication services

Now let’s discuss your ways of making profit in details:

  • Selling start packages of international communication (you can establish your own price policy);
  • Selling recharging of account;
  • Recharging accounts of your clients;

Besides, you’ll be able to provide RELIABLE communication to all your employees abroad and in this way significantly simplify the procedure of interaction with them.  

 With such an ATTRACTIVE EXTRA SERVICE you will always be one step ahead of your competitors, and we will be glad to help you in achieving your goal! It’s all up to you!